With years of experience working with different brides and body types, we are happy to offer support when it comes to making the big decision on a Gown or Bridal Look.

Some brides will know exactly what they want from the get go, others will try on loads and still be undecided or will be torn between 2 or 3 gowns.

We can give an honest opinion to help make the decision as smooth as possible. Send us a photo or ideas via email at

We have worked with a variety of brides to custom design unique looks over the years, which has created Cleo Borrello's evolution into a range of versatile, locally produced pieces, which can be layered across the range and customised to suit specific requests. 

Our gowns are designed with a relaxed modern bride in mind and many of our gowns include a stretch element which make them comfortable and flattering to fit on a range of body types. Our stretch gowns are great for destination weddings as they travel well, do not heavily crease and offer a little give for fluctuations in weight. 

Any further questions you may have in regard to fit or suitability to pieces of the range are happily answered by email or phone.